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Consultants to non-profit organizations since 1980  

We are a professional consulting firm dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative therapy, education and training services to individuals, groups and organizations in Philadelphia and the surrounding communities.

KMS specializes in:

  • Rehabilitation Therapies
  • Behavior Intervention
  • Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation
  • Mobile Therapy
  • Special Instruction for Children
  • Sexuality Counseling
  • Therapeutic Staff Support
  • Specialized Training and Consulting Services

Administrative Offices
100 West Lehigh Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19133
Phone (215) 203-3024
Fax (215) 427-5771
E-mail award@comhar.org

We will continue to add more features to this site, so please visit again. You may also contact us directly for more information about KMS and our services.